The organization may book your accommodation if you wish, in three hotels located in the center of Zaragoza, at a rate of 68€ per night*person in a single room, or 94€ per night for two people in a double room (breakfast included). The hotels are:

If you want to use this option, please inform us at the registration form. We will assign you one of these hotel (which one will depend on the availability).

There are of course many other hotels in town that may have lower rates. We put in the following a list with contact details and approximate prices. However, we will not help you with the booking, and the prices are in fact just approximate prices based on experience; rates may vary.

  • Ramiro I
    Double room single use (breakfast included): 49.00€. Double room double use (breakfast included): 55,00€.
  • Cesaraugusta
    Double room single use 39.00€ (no breakfast included) or 45 eur (breakfast included).
    Double room double use 40.00€ (no breakfast included) or 51 eur (breakfast included).
  • Hesperia Zaragoza
    Single room single use 53.90€ (breakfast included).
  • Sauce
    Single room 45.00€ (breakfast included). Double room single use 45.00€ (breakfast included). Double room double use 55.00€ (breakfast included).
  • El Príncipe
    Double room single use 55.00€ (breakfast included).
  • París
    Double room single use 38.00€ (breakfast included). Double room double use 40.00€ (breakfast included).